I paint because I feel like it!

If one tried to describe my work it would probably be seen as somewhere on the borderline between impressionism, expressionism and abstraction with the generous splash of naivism that can be expected from a self-taught artist. I personally prefer to believe that art is one, just like some musicians I admire would say that music is one, and do not worry much about finding the right label.

Art was always around but it took its time finding me. My father was an art collector and wood sculptor whose work I admired, my aunt is a painter, and my sister a professional photographer and filmmaker. They all inspire me in some way. I sketched spontaneously from an early age. But it took almost 40 years before I grabbed a palette knife and tried laying some paint on a canvas. I have not stopped since.

Inspiration comes from everything I experience. My work and visits to over 35 countries on four continents, places I dream to see, my lifetime passion for the outdoors, fly fishing and the sea, the artwork and music of others, the people I meet, all influence my art. Ideas come to my mind at any time and tend to mature for weeks, sometimes months before I am ready to paint. And then often go through yet another metamorphosis…

My preferred medium is acrylics. While I occasionally paint on stretched canvas, I prefer firm surfaces like wood and canvas panels.


I hope you will enjoy my work. Your feedback is welcome and appreciated: drop me a line.

Ivo Balinov

Ottawa, Canada